Hammer Horror - A Fan's Guide(DVD, Duke Video, 2008) - interview subject
Film Fever: The Horror, The Horror (Channel 4, 2002) - interview subject

Short Films

The Long Walk To Hell (1996/7) - actor/editor
Vlad Slept Here (1998) - writer/director/actor
Mary (2002)
The Eggsorcist (2002)
Negotiations and Clear Skies (2002) - director of photography/actor
Appointment (2003) - writer/director
Hitchhiker (2003) - director of photography
Paranoia Abounds (2008) - Director of Photography


Untitled Hammer doc. short (2006) project abandoned
Visitor project on hold



Robert directing on the set of The Appointment (2003), Image (c) 2006. All Rights Reserved

Directing on the set of Appointment in 2003

Robert has been involved in film and video production since the mid 1990s, working variously as jobbing actor, writer, director, lighting cameraman/dp, editor and interview subject.
More recently he has been involved in podcasting, and radio broadcasting.

This section will detail his contribution to those projects, including a range of screen shots. He is currently developing a short micro-budget film on the demise of Hammer in the 1970s, a fictional horror film, and an expressive piece on the subject of lonliness.


Hammer Horror: A Fan's Guide (2008)
interview subject
DVD: released 2008, Duke Video.
Production company: Phoenix
A 47 minute video documentary based around a 'top ten' Hammer films, and featuring contributions from Marcus Hearn, Jimmy Sangster, Brian Clemens, Roy Ward Baker, Alan Barnes, Jonathan Rigby and Robert Simpson.
Robert was filmed in a London studio is September 2008 discussing various classic Hammer films.  This was to be the first in a proposed series of documentaries, and Robert was thrilled to sit in on Roy Ward Baker's interview prior to shooting his own sequence.

Paranoia Abounds (2008)
director of photography
Video: Mini-DV. MA dissertation project. 10mins
Writer/Director: Danny Meegan
"Another odd piece, ostensibly about capitalism and terrorism, in part inspired by working in video retail. I've worked with Danny several times before whilst at uni, and was happy to be invited to shoot his final piece for his Masters degree in Film Studies.
We spent quite a while discussing the script, and location hunting all around County Antrim and County Down during that summer. Filming itself took many weekends including reshoots, with another non-professional cast. Lots of filming inside cars.
The final piece was realised in black&white after the JVC cameras we were using were discovered to be faulty and the white balance completely off. We experimented a little with using two cameras simultaneously, but the final film is mostly from the camera I operated, combined with 'archival' footage Danny had shot several years previously in New Zealand and Australia.
I'm not totally happy with my work - though there's some good visual experiments, clever angles, and transitions. I've test-edited some of the sequences in long form and am much happier, though this rather ruins the pace of the story which Danny brought out in the edit.
The film has been screened publicly.
Oh, and I make a small cameo appearance in the final moments of the film - a real blink and you miss it moment..."

Negotiations and Clear Skies (2002)
actor / director of photography
Video: Mini-DV. 15mins
"A rather strange project that I never completely understood, which came out of working with some of the guys in the film department at Uni in the year above us. They'd started shooting this drama on capitalism but hadn't made much progress when they called us in. Initially I was to play the part of the slightly camp boss, but ended up also taking on much of the cinematography.
We filmed on Mini-DV using XM1s (I think from memory), and were thwarted with sound and location problems. The finished version was in part filmed in the old Kitchen Bar in Belfast before they tore it down to build the new Victoria Square. The best work in the film isn't mine, and most of the cast weren't actors at all. This one's staying buried though.... there was a public screening at one of the Belfast festival events but I didn't go, I wasn't happy with it at all."

Film Fever: The Horror! The Horror! (2001)
interview subject
TV: First broadcast 1 May 2002, Channel 4 (UK).br> Director/Producer: Andy Kimpton-Nye, 400 Blows Productions.
A 6 minute documentary about Hammer film fans. Robert was consulted early on in the production and was interviewed as editori of The Unofficial Hammer Films Site about his interest in Hammer films. Robert's sections were filmed in Black Park, along with his friend Robert Lane (a theatre designer from Dublin), in the summer of 2001. Also featured is Wayne Kinsey, pathologist and author of several books on Hammer.

The Long Walk To Hell (1996/7)
actor / editor
8mm video. br> Writer/director: Richard Barr
The first video production Robert was involved in was this bizarre short about a man who inadvertently kills himself through the excesses of drinking, drugs and porn. Robert played the part of 'Death', who comes to escort the unfortunate individual to hell.
A comedic piece, the film was actually made twice.
"The first version suffered from bad sound and the director wasn't happy with the other actor. A few months later we remounted in a much smaller house using my parent's 8mm video camcorder, with me playing 'Death' again. I remember roasting in a tiny bathroom as we struggled to bring the shoot in on time.
I cut the film using two VCRs and astute timing. We were shortlisted for the Cinemagic Young Filmmaker of the Year competition in Belfast - I remember watching myself on the big screen for the first time - , and I understood the director [Richard] also took the film to the Bradford Film Festival - though without his cast in attendance."


Robert is available for hire around the world.
To discuss your requirements, commission a piece from him, or to book him for an appearance you can get in contact here.