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Robert has been trained as a librarian, an archivist and a film historian, and holds a BA and MA in Film and Visual Studies from Queen's University Belfast, and is currently completing a PhD at Trinity College Dublin. He combines this experience with skills learned first-hand in film and television production, and publication to help educate.

He has taught one-off classes on Irish cinema, horror, British cinema, 'Winter in Film', and Ridley Scott's Alien.  He has introduced films as part of cinema education outreach programmes from a wide range of countries and genre. He specialises in interactive learning outcomes and discussion-led education, with special guest talks on Dracula, Hammer horror, the cinema of Tim Burton, The Rolling Stones on Film, Shane Meadows, Woody Allen, and Monty Python.

Additionally Robert advises individuals and businesses on their use of social networking tools as a brand and marketing tool.

He is available for the following:

* Adult education classes
[Robert has taught in the adult education programme in the School of Education at Queen's University Belfast, devising and implementing several courses on topics like Hammer Films and the Birth of British Horror, The Cinema of Tim Burton, Screen Adaptations of MR James, Film & Art, The Gothic, as well as giving guest lectures, including pieces on Winter In Film and Irish Film History.
From ages 16 - 90, Robert can adapt his classes to suit the needs of the student body.
See also 'Short Film Introductions and Talks' below]

* Private tuition
specialist in film and photography. Can work with individual requirements, including additional tutoring for AS level, A-level, undergraduate and masters degrees, or for those wishing to study subjects on a personal level.
Please contact for rates and to discuss your desired subject.
Possibilities include:

Photography: practical classes, darkroom tutorial, digital editing;
Film/video production: introductory classes in production, directing, editing;
Film/Media Studies: Italian cinema, French cinema, British cinema, horror, Hammer films, avant garde, silent cinema, Irish cinema, star studies]
* this is not an exhaustive list and tutorials can be adapted to your  particular level, interests and strengths.

* Open education / e-learning
[See also 'Adult Education' above.
Robert specialises in 'open education' - that is education which is open and accessible to those who have not been part of the university system.
He strips away the complexities of theory and jargon and presents the subjects in an open and frank way, putting the students at their ease. Several of his students have gone back into university education following his classes.
He has also been devising e-learning versions of his courses, which can be adapted for individual institutions around the world, without the need to travel. This is particularly useful for students who live far from campus or have other responsibilities. His e-learning programmes are based around a wide range of internet and electronic resources. He is currently devising a module introducing the 'Gothic' in film and literature with Dr Raymond Cummings.]

* Short courses
[See 'open education/e-learning' and 'adult education' above.
Robert can mould classes to suit any timeframe. From 1 day intensive to 10 weekly sessions. Contact with your requirements.]

* Short film introductions and talks
[Robert regularly appears at screenings around the UK and Ireland to provide educational and informative talks relating to a wide range of films, from Woody Allen to Argentinian cinema, from Fellini to Hammer Films, from documentary to drama...
Accompanying many of the film programmes Robert has been involved in short talks and lectures - from 5 minutes to 2 hours in duration. These are often interactive in nature, and have included on-stage interviews and Q&A sessions]

* Film archive and brand consultation/research

* Social networking consultation
[Robert will discuss your particular company, brand or profile with you, and advise how best to make the most of internet marketing with special reference to social networking. He can help streamline and restructure existing profiles, or assist in building a debut profile.]