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Stanley A. Long
(Bradford, June 2010)

British director/cinematographer Stanley Long, best known for a string of sexploitation films in the 60s and 70s.

The Trouserpress
(Belfast, October 2009)

Roger Ruskin Spear demonstrating the wonders of the Trouserpress as part of his insane onstage performance with Three Bonzos And A Piano at the Spiegeltent in Custom House Square, Belfast. October 2009.



QUB 2008
(Belfast, December 2008)

December 2008 marks 100 years of the Queen's University Belfast granting of charter. As part of the commemorations at the institution a gala dinner was held, which included special guest Seamus Heaney.

A fireworks display brought traffic to a standstill, and this flaming display is based around the QUB 2008 logo.

The image itself is crying out to be used on the cover of some sort of university publication for the year.

Queen's Charter 2008 (c) Robert J.E. Simpson. All Rights Reserved
On set - The Wake Wood
(Dublin, October 2008)

One of a series of behind the scenes images taken on the set of Hammer's 2008 film The Wake Wood. I wasn't the official photographer for the production, but whilst covering the shoot I felt obliged to take some of my own images.

This is the first behind the scenes image which has been made available - via Hammer's official site (more may be made available in future, subject to clearances).

I like it because is clearly shows a film in progress, and the outline of a graveyard, but no real detail and thus ensures the mystery of the production is retained. The Wake Wood is due for release in late 2009.

The Wake Wood - On Set (c) Robert J.E. Simpson 2008. All rights reserved
Jenny Agutter
(Bradford, June 2008)

Jenny surprised many of the attendees at the FFW in 2008 with her last minute appearance and onstage interview. We didn't get much of a chance to talk, but I took a series of photographs at her arrival. This one is from the frantic but enjoyable interview - which centred on the brilliant An American Werewolf in London which had screened the previous night.


Peter Duffel
(Bradford, June 2008)

Interviewing director Peter Duffel, I found him charming and far removed from the horror genre which he seems to be best remembered for (he directed Amicus' The House That Dripped Blood). That aside, I caught something of the mood of the genre in this shot.


Brian Clemens
(London, March 2008)

They say you should never meet your heroes, but it was a pleasure to finally meet the legendary writer Brian Clemens at a special event dedicated to Clemens' Hammer film, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter.


Caroline Munro
(London, March 2008)

Caroline defying the years in this shot at the Kronos reunion in London. I've met her quite a few times now, and interviewed her on stage once. She's always friendly and happy to chat with her fans. Its little wonder she's still so loved.


Harry Kümel
(June 2008)

Harry proved to be another entertaining guest at the Fantastic Films Weekend. Not being familiar with the Belgian director's films I didn't do an interview. I did manage to grab a few shots during his onstage Q&A, and enjoyed an end of festival dinner in his company - his stories about Orson Welles were worth it alone... 

Robert Feust
(Bradford, June 2006)

I was delighted at being able to photograph legendary British film director and former production designer Robert Feust as well as interview him.
At the age of 80 Bob was a great subject - his distinctive features and intelligent manner come across in this casual pose.


Gunshot Wound
(May 2005)

I'm sorry to say I don't know the name of the model for this image. Taken during the 2005 Fantastic Films Festival make-up demo, when lots of us festival goers can be found in local curry houses and bars frightening the locals. A rather hasty shot, the bullet hole is nicely lit, and the model looks at the camera in a disconcertingly direct (and dare I say) suggestive way.

"Gunshot Wound". Image (c) Robert J.E. Simpson 2006. All Rights Reserved
Jelly Dolly Beer
(May 2005)

The Salamander Brewery in Bradford supported the release of Jelly Dolly at the Fantastic Films Weekend in 2005. This publicity shot for the event was taken after the glasses had been drained by happy festival goers.

"Jelly Dolly Beer". Image (c) Robert J.E. Simpson 2006. All Rights Reserved
Dermot O'Leary - Cinemagic
(Belfast, December 2001)

Popular tv presenter Dermot O'Leary has been closely linked with the Cinemagic Young FilmMaker festival in Belfast for years.

This was one of a number of backstage images taken at the Cinemagic Awards which Dermot co-presented. The photos were originally for the festival organisers.


"Dermot O'Leary - Cinemagic" image (c) RJE Simpson 2007.
Cinemagic team
(Belfast, December 2001)

One of my promotional shots for the Cinemagic organisation in December 2001. The festival organisers in full playful party mood.
This was at the awards ceremony at Belfast City Hall.

The mural on the back wall is by a distant relative of mine, the late John Luke. 

Cinemagic 2001, (c) Robert J.E. Simpson