Built Environment

Photography - Landscape

Giant's Ring. (c) Robert J.E. Simpson 2008, all rights reserved.
Fishing Boat, Carnlough
(April, 2009)
(March, 2009)
Haystacks. (c) Robert J.E. Simpson, 2009. All rights reserved
Masses of Massey Fergusons
(August, 2010)
Ferguson Tractors
(August, 2010)
Kempe Stones at Night
(February, 2009)

A cold February evening as night descended, snow on the ground, and looking towards the heavens on a slow exposure. The pre-history of the Dolmen echoed by the timelessness of the stars in the shape of 'The Plough' above.

Legananny Dolmen 1
(August, 2008)

Perhaps the most distinctive of the dolmens in Ireland, I only got to visit it this summer (2008) for the first time. It sits in a strange desolate area of County Down, well off the beaten track. This is one of a number of imposing shots of the monument, which I'm hoping to adapt for a painting in the near future.


Legananny Dolmen. (C) Robert J.E. Simpson, all rights reserved

An image that I've always found very pleasing and intriguing. A cottage-like farm building standing derelict at the side of a road in Newtownards Co. Down. At the time the image was taken another larger building similarly derelict stood across the road.

I was working on a project at the time about abandoned dwellings. The stonework and wood was intricate, rustic and compelling.

As of May 2006, the building still stands in similarly dilapidated state.

Legananny Dolmen 2
(August, 2008)

There's an almost Lord of the Rings quality to this monument. It stands as a gateway to another world, appropriately enough at the end of a long country lane, the opposite end of which we cannot see.


Legananny Dolmen. (c) Robert J.E. Simpson, all rights reserved.
Electric Railway
(June, 2008)

Arguable a cityscape, the Electric Railway dominates the east coast of the Isle of Man, the striking logo of the firm's name reminding me of the "Hollywood" logo at the heart of LA's mythology.

Douglas is hardly big enough to think of as a city, but industry and capitalism have made their mark on the idyllic countryside.


Electric Railway (c) Robert J.E. Simpson 2008, All Rights Reserved
Great Empires Fall
(April, 2003)

Currently (as of 2008) going through the first stages of a massive regeneration, the landscape around the Belfast docks bears the hallmarks of the old shipping industry. Factories lie empty and the debris is strewn around, nature fighting back and reclaiming the ground for itself.

This image was taken from inside the vast space once filled with workers at Harland and Wolff.


Great Empires Fall (c) Robert J.E. Simpson 2008. All Rights Reserved.