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75th Anniversary of First Hammer Film - Hammerfilms.com (2010)
To mark the 75th anniversary of the release of the first ever Hammer Film - The Public Life of Henry the Ninth - I was asked to contribute an essay examining the first decade of the Hammer film company's existence, based on my current PhD research. It barely scrapes the surface but does include some previously unpublished information and imagery.br> Available online from: http://www.hammerfilms.com/news/75th-anniversary-of-first-hammer-film

Little Shoppe of Horrors 22- Hammer News (2009)
The latest SOH is focussed on Dracula AD 1972 and comes highly recommended (as always). There's been little DVD action recently so my "Viewable Hammer" column was virtually redundant this time. I did provide a thorough update of Hammer news, which as always picks up on some tit-bits in the press that others may have missed. I was also due to do a career interview with Roy Skeggs for the issue, but this fell apart late in the day. I'd still like to interview Skeggs but I doubt it will happen - we've been chasing this one for quite a while now.
Issue 22 was published in March 2009 and along with selected back issues is available from www.littleshoppeofhorrors.com

It's Exclusive! - Hammerfilms.com (2008)
Hammer's current parent company HS Media opened up a distribution division in September 2008 - Exclusive Film Distribution. The company takes its name from Hammer's old distribution arm, Exclusive Films. I was asked to write a short history of the old Exclusive for Hammer's official website to tie in with the announcement.
Available online from: http://www.hammerfilms.com/news/its-exclusive

Little Shoppe of Horrors 21- The Viewable Hammer; Hammer News (2008)
There wasn't much to do in issue 19 and issue 20 was an Amicus special, so issue 21 saw a welcome return to writing for LSOH. Once again, I provided the bulk of the current Hammer news, as well as the extensive dvd news section "The Viewable Hammer". Issue 21 was published in September 2008 and along with selected back issues is available from www.littleshoppeofhorrors.com

The Fantasist; Film Ireland 120 (online exclusive)(2008)
Feature article reassessing The Fantasist, Robin Hardy's 1986 follow up to The Wicker Man.
An online exclusive, published to coincide with the "Sex Issue" of Film Ireland, 120 January/February 2008.
Available online from: http://www.filmireland.net/exclusives/thefantasist.htm

Whose Stanley Kubrick? The Myth, Legacy and Ownership of the Kubrick Image (2007)
"Whose Stanley Kubrick?" is the closing essay in a new anthology of scholarly articles on the work of film director Stanley Kubrick, edited by Gary D. Rhodes. The book, Stanley Kubrick: Essays on His Films and Legacy was published by McFarland & Co in the US December 2007.
The essay looks at the legacy of the Kubrickian image both during the director's lifetime, and following his death.
To order in the US click here.
To order in the UK click here.

Film Ireland #119 - November/December 2007Hammer Films - The Irish Connection; Film Ireland 119 (2007)
This commission came out of research conducted during work on my Hammer book, examining the history of Exclusive Films and the relationship with Hammer proper. The article looks at the various connections Hammer has with Ireland, and pays special attention to the films O'Hara's Holiday, Sword of Sherwood Forest and The Viking Queen.
Published in Film Ireland 119, November/December 2007 issue.
Available from www.filmireland.net and UK/Irish newsagents now.

Introduced screening - Plague of the Zombies (2006)
As part of the Cornwall Film Festival, the former slate mine at Carnglaze Cavern was the setting for a special screening of Hammer's 1966 film The Plague of the Zombies. Following the screening, Robert was part of a Q&A session about Hammer Films. Prior to the film, Robert was invited to introduce the picture.
The text of the introduction (which took place on Friday October 13, 2006) is now available at: http://www.unofficialhammerfilms.com/articles/potz_cornintro.html

Little Shoppe of Horrors 18 - reviews; The Viewable Hammer; Hammer News (2006)
For the second year in a row I provided the bulk of the current Hammer news for LSOH, as well as the extensive dvd news section "The Viewable Hammer", and a few reviews for good measure. For issue 19, Dick Klemensen opted for a Terence Fisher tribute, and passed over on any current Hammer news. With a new Hammer film into production in late 2007 I hope to be back for issue 20. Issue 18 published 2006. Selected back issues available from www.littleshoppeofhorrors.com

Little Shoppe of Horrors 17 - reviews; dvd news (2005)
For the 2005 edition of the long-running American Hammer magazine I provided a lengthy news section, dvd news and a series of reviews. Out of print copies of the magazine fetch big money. Current and selected back issues are available from www.littleshoppeofhorrors.com

The Vacuum # 17 "Fashion" - Freeze Frame (2004)
This review of Northern Irish film Freeze Frame was published in the "Fashion" issue of The Vacuum, a popular Belfast-based satirical/arts magazine. The article has now been posted in the publication's online archive and is available from: http://thevacuum.org.uk/issues/issues0120/issue17/is17artfrefra.html

Hammered # 2: The Making of She (2001)
Hammered was the short-lived magazine produced by the slightly-longer lived Hammer Films Society. For the second (and final) issue, published late November 2001, I contributed this lengthy behind-the-scenes type article on Hammer's She. The article is now available at: http://www.unofficialhammerfilms.com/archive/she.html

The Cushing Confidential: The History of the Dr Who Films (2000)
An essay on the background to the two Peter Cushing Dr. Who films produced by Amicus in the 1960s. Published as part of the first online Cushing Courier (having shifted from print after many years) in late 2000. The article is available to read at http://www.petercushing.co.uk/historydrwho.htm